Moov Fast Pain Relief Cream - 50g | Suitable for Back Pain, Muscle Pain, Joint Pain, Knee Pain | 100% Ayurvedic Formula

Moov Pain Relief Cream is a trusted solution for relieving innumerable pains caused by modern lifestyles. It is made with 100% ayurvedic ingredients, offering fast and effective relief. The cream is popular among homemakers in India. It can be easily applied and is also available in a spray format. The formula contains "Four Active Ingredients" that penetrate deep to relax muscles and aid in fast recovery. With herbal ingredients like wintergreen oil, mint extract, and turpentine oil, it provides relief from muscle pain, inflammation, sprains, and more. Moov is especially effective for chronic neck aches and lower back pains. It offers long-lasting relief and is a must-have in your First Aid Kit. Say goodbye to discomfort and embrace the power of Moov Pain Relief Cream. Experience relief from neck and backache, myositis, fibrositis, and sciatica with this trusted analgesic cream.
Manufacturer: Reckitt Benckiser
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Body pain can be experienced due to a lot of daily activities such as running, workouts, sports, daily housekeeping tasks, cooking etc.

With it's unique deep penetration formula, Moov offers quick pain relief from back pain, muscle pain, joint pain, sprains, spasms and even cramps.
The soothing warmth from the eucalyptus oil and wintergreen oil makes it an excellent pain relaxant, which also provides quick & long lasting relief.
Allowing you to enjoy each moment without any hindrance, Moov is a must have pain relief formula for your First Aid Kits.
This has made Moov one of the most preferred ointment among fitness enthusiasts, sports persons & homemakers.

  • Get quick & long lasting pain relief with Moov Instant Pain Relief cream & spray
  • Suitable for Muscle Pain, Back Pain, Joint Pain, Knee Pain, Ankle Pain, Sprains, Spasms & Cramps
  • 100% Ayurvedic formula – Contains Eucalyptus Oil, Wintergreen Oil, Turpentine Oil & Mint Extract
  • Useful for injuries or pain due to Sports activities, Fitness or Gym Workouts & Daily household activities
  • Small convenient packaging makes it easy to carry everywhere you go

Features & Benefits





Fast Absorption

Moov pain relief cream has a

unique fast absorption formula

that allows it work quickly and

get rid of pain.

Warming Sensation

The soothing warmth from the

eucalyptus oil and wintergreen

oil bring instant relief to the

muscle by relaxing it.

Quick Action

Moov's 5 active ingredients act

on chronic pain like back ache,

neck pain or even muscle pain


Long Lasting Relief

Moov provides long lasting

relief by helping manage the

sore muscles by relieving

inflammation and swelling.


Useful for







Outdoor activities

Household use







Wintergreen Oil

Reduces inflammation and

swelling in the affected area.

Mint Extract

Gives a cooling effect to the

pain and treats the sore

muscles and relieves joint


Turpentine Oil

Helps to relieve pain.

Eucalyptus Oil

Soothing warmth makes it an

excellent massage cream for

joint pain.

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